Chuck McCullough, President

McCullough Contractors, LLC

15905 N Florida Avenue
Lutz, FL  33549
Office: 813-963-5104
FAX: 813-354-2375
FL Contractor Lic #CB-C010836
-since 1976-

Chuck McCullough understands both the design process and construction operations. Our highly qualified personnel offer construction management, cost management and quality control.

The depth of our staff and our years of experience provide us with the flexibility and knowledge to accomplish your goals. Our recent successes demonstrate our ability to deliver a high profile project both on time and on budget.

Details are important to our contractors and  team members, meaning every project receives the personal attention of McCullough Contractors, LLC principals from inception through completion.

Partnering: The core of the philosophy of our company is partnering. We approach this by bringing together the owner, design professionals and construction team. We understand the design process and provide valuable input in the initial phase of our clients' projects.

By including McCullough Contractors, LLC on the project team during the design phase, the people who know the most about cost and construction techniques are considered during the design. Critical path items can be accounted for early on, resulting in shortened schedules and fewer construction delays, avoiding costly misunderstandings.

Program Management: McCullough Contractors, LLC has re-designed the area of program management, offering single-source, specialized staff expertise for capital project feasibility studies, long range planning, financial management, complete design and construction management services.

Relation-Based Strategy: The industry operates primarily on a project-by-project basis. Our firm, on the other hand, is focused on a longer term relationship-based strategy. McCullough Contractors, LLC is strengthening its bonds with a select group of core clients who send us repeat business on a highly preferential, if not exclusive, basis. Increasingly popular alliances are simply a smart way to do business. We believe an alliance with McCullough Contractors, LLC can be a major competitive advantage for our clients. Long-term clients can expect us to provide topflight services in any area their needs dictate.

Experience: With McCullough Contractors, LLC's experience covering a quarter century in every facet of the construction industry, clients have learned to trust the skill and integrity of our staff of professionals. Our company has become synonymous with service, quality performance and commitment to excellence. Our dedication to our clients is a guarantee you can trust.

Your Team: McCullough Contractors, LLC is excited about the prospect of being a member of your team, and we look forward to the opportunity to discuss our ideas of how we can deliver to you a project that has the highest value for each dollar you invest.